Sea of Thieves: Where to Find Mermaid Gems

by: PhuzzyBond     Published on: 19 August 2019

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A while back, the only way to acquire the Gems was through breaking Mermaid Statues, even though they are still in the game, getting them is sometimes a challenge. That's when I created one of my most viewed videos, How to Find and Kill Mermaids.With recent updates, Mermaid Gems have been found washed up on shores and in several different locations. I am going to show you how and where to find them. On this channel, you will find tips and guides for Sea of Thieves, as well as speculations and stream highlights, if you are new here, please consider subscribing. In my opinion, Mermaid Gems are the most important items in the game. All Alliances in Adventure accept Gems as a form of payment in exchange of reputation, it acts like a Master Key that unlocks any door. So basically, you choose what to level up in based on who you sell it to.Please Subscribe if you like my content :) My Twitch Channel: Merchandise: The Phuzz! [Discord] out my other Videos!How to Find and Kill Mermaids: Cannonballs and How to Aim: Changing PVP Decisions: to Stop and Trick other Ships: