Sex, Drugs And Rock N' Roll, 50s Style - Cadillac Records DVD

by: The Thrift Store Rundown     Published on: 07 April 2017

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What more could you want?BUY IT HERE:’m Pete Charles Sesko, pop culture obsessed young adult, and my mission in Bringing Hollywood Home... On A Budget is simple. I want to help you save money while shopping for great entertainment in the form of books, DVDs and video games. My venue of choice: the thrift store. Not the most glamorous destination, but trust me, never judge a book by its cover. What lies beyond is an ever growing treasure trove of Tinseltown awesomeness that's waiting to be discovered. INTRO MUSIC:Cold Funk Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License and closing title cards designed by me.The conversation continues on the social meeds:Twitter: