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Title: Sex For Sale 面具Year: 1974Director: Chang Tseng-chai 張曾澤Casts:Chin Han 秦漢, Tina Chin Fei 金霏, Yi Ta 依達, Helen Ko 葛荻華, Ai Ti 艾蒂At a time when martial arts epics were coming into their own where swordsmen would embark on righteous journeys of heroism, there was a growing genre of films that embarked on sexual journeys of desire. In Sex For Sale, Chin Han, an Asian Rudolph Valentino, plays an unemployed drifter who finds work as a male model. As the title implies and with elements of Midnight Cowboy, Chin is thrust into sexual situations he's not prepared for. Surrounded by a veritable harem of sexy Shaw Brothers actresses, like the coquettish Tina Chin Fei and the slinky Ai Ti, the film even dares to enter the world of homosexuality as Chin declines the advances of an effeminate suitor who later commits suicide for the rejection. It's a daring film for its time considering that homosexuality was "illegal" back then.面具可以有很多種,在編劇依達的言情世界裡,帶出一個感性的疑問,莫非每個人都是戴著面具過日子?《面具》一片在上映時曾引起一陣哄動,片中觸及的問題頗具爭議性──男妓、交際花、同性戀、富家婦人性寂寞、模特兒界的醜聞等等,均是赤裸裸的社會現實。本片由七十年代文藝巨星秦漢與著名艷星金霏、艾蒂聯合主演,加上故事奇情新鮮,極具看頭!Check us out atAmazon Video on Demand: Store: