Sexual Life of The Wodaabe

by: Christopher Roy     Published on: 27 August 2015

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The Wodaabe do not have the same attitude toward their sexuality that we have been burdened with by our Christian heritage. This video addresses questions of flirting, courtship, marriage, and sex that I did not address in my first two Fulani videos.+Phineas The majority of Fulani are haplogroup E-M2 (E1b1a1) not R1b1. Haplogroup E-M2 is indigenous to Africa not the Middle East. In (Tishkoff et al. 2009), the Fulani cluster with west and central African ethnic groups. Sarah Tiskfoff's study does not support a Middle Eastern or non African originof the Fulani. The remainder belonged to haplotype 42/haplogroup E-M33. Both of these clades are today most frequent among Niger-Congo-speaking populations,particularly those inhabiting Senegal. Similarly, 53% of the Fulani in northern Cameroon bore haplogroup E-M33, with the rest mainly carrying other Sub-Saharan clades (12% haplogroup A and 6% haplogroup E1b1a). A minority carried the West Eurasian haplogroups T (18%) and R-M173 (12%).[46] Mulcare et al. (2004) observed a similar frequency of haplogroup...