[SFM] The Monsters Under My Bed REMIX | *EPILEPSY WARNING* | Animated Song

by: ThePixel     Published on: 01 November 2018

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Description :

After months, after 30+ sessions, after Sony Vegas crashes, after the PC broke twice, I proudly present you my most recent animation, The Monsters Under My Bed.Started the project on August, some time later my PC broke at the end of August and the middle of September, when I got it back I kinda lost a bit of motivation to continue it because the song was too long, I had not many ideas and the editing was going to take a little too much. But I always wanted to animate this remix, so I said fuck it and lets continue, so I finished it.Took a lot of time since my last FNaF animation was uploaded about 6 months ago (wtf time flies) and I really put a lot of effort in everything.HOPE YOU ENJOY!! :DHowever let's see the credits:Original Song: Aviators Techno Cinema, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, GoldenFreddy: Rynfox port by RobGamingsFNaF2: -ToyFreddy: me (P)ToyBonnie, ShadowBonnie: CoolioArt port by me (P)-ToyChica: Rynfox port by me-Mangle: DaMikel port by Tyrexchip-Puppet: SAB port by RobGamings-(UN)WitheredFreddy, WitheredGoldenFreddy, ShadowFreddy: CoolioArt port by me-WitheredBonnie, WitheredChica, WitheredFoxy: CoolioArt port by DjebrayassFNaF3:-Springtrap: Failz port by RobGamingsFNaF4:-NightmareFreddy1: Endy port by me (P)-NightmareFreddy2: Endy port by TF edited by me (P)-NightmareBonnie: Endy port by me (P)-NightmareChica, NightmareCupcake: Endy-NightmareFredbear, Nightmare, Freddles: Mistberg port by SpringJordan-Nightmarionne: Hector port by TF-Plushtrap: ItsAMeWario port by TF-Plushies: Chuiza port by RobGamingsSisterLocation:-CircusBaby: Chuiza port by me (P)-FuntimeFreddy: Jorji port by TF-FuntimeFoxy, Ballora: LadiesNightPack-Ennard: AndyPurro port by me (P)FFPS:-ScrapBaby1: Chuiza port by me-ScrapBaby2: LazyThePotato port by me (P)-Afton: LazyThePotato port by me (P)-MoltenFreddy: LazyThePotato port by me (P)-Helpy: Neetro port by me (P)-Lefty: E_Breddy port by Frisk-Rockstars: a123gamer port by Salamance-MediocreMelodies: me-MusicMan: ShaneTheBarbarian port by me (P)Other:-DismantlesAnimatronics: Joshy port by me (P)-NightmareOrville: SnakeyArt port by me (P)-NightmareSpringtrap: YourOgreLord port by me (P)-Fredbear(UCN): TangoTeds port by me (P)-Springbonnie: Failz, edited and ported by me (P)-Springbonnie(FNaF6): BonBunFilms-SpringFreddy: me (P).-NightmareToyBonnie, NightmareToyFreddy: me (P)-ReturningPuppet: CoolioArt port by me-ChildSoul: CoolioArt port by me-ScrapChica: TangoTeds port by me (P)#SFM #FNaF #TheMonstersUnderMyBed