SHIFTER Vampire Horror 2018 [FULL MOVIE] [HD]

by: California Balloon Films     Published on: 05 October 2018

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Who doesn’t love a full free horror movie? SHIFTER is a new vampire movie with all the chills of classic vampire movies and all the blockbuster thrills of a teen screams cabin in the woods movie! In this genre-bending action horror thriller, eight young friends on a weekend vacation are pulled into an eternal struggle between two ancient and powerful beings.Hit LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more full horror movies…but for now, sit back and enjoy the perfect 2018 Halloween horror movie!#CaliBFilms #HorrorMovie #BMovies #FreeMovieswatch BAD LABOR [FREE FULL Action Comedy Movie] TRUTH [FREE FULL Horror Movie] ANDROID NIGHT PUNCH [FREE FULL Sci-Fi Movie] CALIFORNIA BALLOONS [FREE FULL Action/Comedy Movie] us on IMDB here: by: Jason XavierWritten by: Kyle Kaos, Pale Christian Thomas (story) Produced by: Kaley Wilson & Daryl ShipanoffCAST (in alphabetical order):Damon Calderwood - RamosKenneth Chan - Master LingLia Como - RobynJim Cordina - Sheriff MorrisAlex Coulombe - ColeNathan Dashwood - BaileyWade Gibb - TerryChantal Hill - TrishJanessa O'Hearn - CarryTamara Prescott - CleaShawn Stewart - KroninDrew Taylor - JamesPale Christian Thomas - RyanNicole Watson - Michelle (as Nicole A. Watson)Brett Wise - Nigel MUSIC:Original Score by Martin Clement