by: Savage Garage     Published on: 09 October 2019

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NEW MERCH SITE NOW LIVE CHECK IT OUT! today’s episode, we go to accompany Jon Turner and Mike (Street Speed 717) on their delivery of their new MSO McLaren 600LTs! Both are beautiful high option cars with heavy window stickers. Both of them together reminds us of the 2nd Fast and the Furious movie (2fast 2furious) when Brian and Roman pick up the Evo and the Eclipse). Jimbo also got to reunite with Streetspeed717 as years ago they made corvette videos together. Jimbo got his first “break” on youtube from Mike back in 2016 when he gave him a ride in his C4 corvette that he still has today. Obviously Mike has moved up in cars since, Jimbo has yet to join the supercar ranks.Thanks again Jon for inviting us out! Look forward to seeing you guys all soon!MIKE'S VIDEO: out some of our best videos!!CORRUPT OLD MAN FAKES GETTING HIT BY OUR MCLAREN 720S! *MASSIVE ARGUMENT W/ POLICE* 2 COPS GET YELLED AT BY *ANOTHER* COP FOR REVVING OUR LAMBORGHINI SVJ!*CRAZY UPDATE* CORRUPT KENTUCKY COPS ILLEGALLY TICKET SUPERCAR OWNERS!!! LET DAMON FROM DAILY DRIVEN EXOTICS DRIVE MY AVENTADOR SVJ... NEVER AGAIN!! KENTUCKY COPS ILLEGALLY TICKET SUPERCAR OWNERS!! FT. DAILY DRIVEN EXOTICS POLICE ILLEGALLY TICKET AND BULLY LAMBO OWNER!! this channel you'll see many familiar faces (some of which are in this video) from the automotive youtube space and industry. People like Damon and Dave from Daily Driven Exotics (DDE), Alex Choi, Brooks from DragTimes, Jimbos Channel, Streetspeed717, Superspeedersrob (Rob Ferretti), and many more!Follow us on Instagram! IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY! Make sure to hit the POST NOTIFICATIONS so you see when we upload!Music from Epidemic Sound (