Silent Running Soundtrack - Peter Schickele 1972

by: Leigh Richards     Published on: 01 January 2013

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American composer Peter Schickele created an excellent score for this 1972 Douglas Trumble directed sci-fi 'eco' movie. Set well into the future Silent Running features Bruce Dern as Freeman Lowell, a botanist aboard the american airlines space freighter Valley Forge. Attached to the Forge is an enormous domed greenhouse in which are preserved the last remnants of forests and plants from a ravaged earth. Lowell tends and cultivates this precious cargo as he hopes it can one day be used to reforest the earth, and in this task he enlists the help of the Forge's three resident robotic drones -- huey, louie and dewey. Lowell's noble aims however are not shared by either his crewmates or his company bosses and a battle ensues to preserve the dome's contents.Peter Schickele also composes under the name of P D Q Bach.