Simplest and Easiest Basic Chiffon Cake绝对"不气疯“的戚风蛋糕 ll Apron

by: Apron     Published on: 27 February 2017

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Chiffon Cake戚风蛋糕 ll ApronTubepan size is 20cm(8")中空模170c bake 35min 170摄氏 烤35分钟4 egg yolks蛋黄1,1/2Tbsp / 20g sugar糖 1/4tsp salt盐60ml corn oil玉米油70ml milk牛奶3/4cup / 100g cake flour蛋糕粉1/2tsp baking powder泡打粉4 egg whites蛋清1/2cup / 100g sugar糖 Please leave a like andShare this video【SUBSCRIBE】my channel for more videosAnd clicked the bell so you don't miss any of my videosMy Channel Channel shop #Chiffon #Recipe #Cake