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by: Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy     Published on: 21 November 2016

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Sing Without Tension - Ken Tamplin Vocal AcademySinging is a sport and the voice should be treated as such.Tension starts by "forcing" or "overusing" various muscle groups that start a cascading affect of "binding up" muscle.Many coaches on the internet advocate there should be "no tension."With any kind of resistance training you will always have a degree of the sensation of resistance. The goal is to strength train correctly so that you can manage away stress/tension. I see many vocal coaches (and their students) promoting the idea that "there should be no stress while singing" and therefore frustrating the heck out of singers who think there is "something wrong with themselves" because they can't, overnight, achieve this "stress free" singing. (this also gives a vocal coach "tribal knowledge" to keep you coming back to them as the only one who has the answer to this elusive concept) This is nonsense and here's why: Singing is like a sport. And with any sport, it's not the absence of stress, it's the management of stress that makes a great athlete. Think of it like this: When Lionel Messi is going to goal, do you think his body is "stressed?" (Anyone who says it isn't has never played a sport before). But Lionel has learned the art of training his body and mind for that moment when it's time for him to step on the gas, take on 3 players and score what "looks" like an "effortless goal." But you can be assured, it was not done "without effort" or without "stress." Lionel achieved this through training his technical abilities as well as building stamina and muscle memory to achieve this consistency. Now it is true that some styles of singing require less stamina than others and therefore can be accomplished with less strength training. In other words, singing a light pop song requires very little "strength" in the sound whereas singing a heavy rock song often requires incredible strength and stamina. This is also true for those (like myself) that want to push their "limits" and abilities to be all they can be. This of course requires more "effort" and technical training. With that said, there are many stages to building this "stamina" and it's ok to "find yourself" as one first starts with "damaging street singing" (with total stress) and going through the different stages of learning how to manage this stress away from the voice through correct training. If I didn't show the different stages of this process, and only showed "perfection", people would never learn that these people are all human, having to work on their craft just like yourself.Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy - Where The PROOF Is In The Singing Forums: #SingingTension #Relaxation #VocalTutorial #KenTamplin #VocalAcademy #OpenThroatSinging #SingingIncrease your vocal range, learn to belt out high notes, whether you're a baritone, tenor, alto, or soprano. Learn breath support for singing with the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy singing program!