Sleep Hypnosis for Self Confidence (newest version)

by: Jody Whiteley     Published on: 30 August 2013

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Hello my name is Jody and welcome to this new version of sleep hypnosis for self-confidence. You may like to listen to this during a time and in a place when and where you will be unlikely to be interrupted and it is safe to go to sleep. As you make yourself as comfortable as you can where ever you are right now I will begin talking about some relaxing things and you can, whenever you would like to and whenever you are ready, close your eyes and take a nice deep breath in so you can begin to relax. During this time you have set aside for yourself to relax, make improvements to yourself, your life situation, and how you feel about yourself, the world around you and your place in it, you are at all times to keep your own comfort and relaxation as your primary goal. This means you are only to do what is relaxing and enjoyable to you. You may listen to the sound of my voice, if you like listening to the sound of my voice, or you can just allow your mind to drift and wander at any time to give your thoughts and yourself a rest, and while you rest, even if you aren't even listening or even if you fall asleep this is all perfectly okay. You can always listen some other time when you are less tired, feel more like listening, or you can trust there will always be a part of your mind awake, aware, and still processing the information even when you are asleep. If you are wondering when the hypnosis will begin you can rest easy knowing it has started already. Even in this introduction are suggestions for your subconscious mind to hear and understand to help you feel better about yourself, the world you live in, and what you are here to do. To just help you relax a little more deeply before we begin it is quite useful to focus on your breathing for a minute or two..focusing on the breathing is a quick way to bring your awareness into the here and now...and to tell your body it is time to relax..How are you breathing right now? You may take note of or notice if you are breathing quickly or slowly..deeply into your belly or is your breathing only in the upper part of your your breathing gentle and effortless or is it heavy and difficult...breathing the way you would breath if you were already deeply relaxed or deeply asleep is your way of taking control of the physical manifestation of emotion in your own one bodily function that falls within both the voluntary and involuntary areas of control within your own brain...this is why we begin with breathing...taking control of your breathing for a few moments to send messages quickly from your mind to your a language your body can understand..and it all begins here by being able to key in your body's relaxation response by focusing on your you may already know..truly self-confident people are relaxed people..people who are able to relax in any situation...and this is an excellent time to practise being relaxed because this is a time and a place where you can clear your mind of all distracting thoughts and just pay attention to yourself and how you feel right now...and later on..maybe tomorrow..or any time after you have woken up or gotten up..when it is time to wake up and get up and get things can from time to time check in with your breathing..when you would like to feel more relaxed...and being more relaxed, of course, also includes to relaxation of your muscles...if you run a scan of your body right now you may notice your muscles are all already deeply relaxed or if you pay close attention you could become aware of some tension still left over either in your entire body or in specific places like your neck and shoulders, or in your hands..your hands and fingers are an area of your body you may not normally notice you are tense...if you can relax them now and make sure they are completely still and have released all tension that would be wonderful and this too will also help you relax so much more deeply..after you have rested..and rested well..can remind yourself..perhaps in a social situation to notice your hands and relax them..this will also send a clear message to your brain that you are in a safe you relax more can just breath normally and naturally..allowing the tension to seep away from your muscles..and your ......