Small Details You Missed In The Mandalorian Trailer

by: Looper     Published on: 25 August 2019

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The Mandalorian, the first-ever live action Star Wars TV show, arrives this November on Disney+. From nods to past Star Wars films to some classic cinema heritage, here are all the Easter eggs, references, and other details you probably missed in The Mandalorian's debut trailer at D23.Stormtroopers, the Empire's most common foot soldiers, are famous for their iconic all-white armor, but that's not the only color they wear. Mudtroopers, who first appeared in Solo: A Star Wars Story, wear green. Sith troopers, who are set to debut in The Rise of Skywalker, wear red. Death troopers, who we first met in Rogue One, dress in all black. According to Star Wars lore, death troopers are the Empire's elite fighting forces. Seemingly led by a character played by Giancarlo Esposito, the death troopers look poised to live up to their name.Watch the video for more Small Details You Missed In The Mandalorian Trailer!#TheMandalorian #StarWarsThe death troopers are back | 0:19Oh, blurrg! | 0:53IG-11 | 1:39Mandlorian armor | 2:26A familiar weapon | 2:59Strange new worlds | 3:34Werner Herzog, Imperial agent | 3:58A long time ago, in the wild west | 4:53Carbonite freeze | 5:17