Star Wars: The Force Unleashed | The Movie (All Cutscenes Only) 1080p HD

by: The Gaming Library     Published on: 03 January 2017

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Description :

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed completely re-imagines the scope and scale of the Force to epic proportions. Players are cast into the role of Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, Starkiller, who has been trained to hunt down and destroy Jedi. During his quest, Starkiller will ally himself with a most unlikely set of heroes and be forced to make decisions that could change the course of his destiny and set events in motion that will forever shape the galaxy!This is a cutscenes only video with no gameplay. We know some people don't care about anything that happens in between, so we decided to start posting this as an option as well as an option from the regular game movies on the main channel or the episodes hereFollow us on Instagram: us on Twitter! us on Facebook!