Stock Fiesta ST vs Full Bolt-On Fiesta ST, Street Comparison, One Take

by: Right Foot Down     Published on: 25 May 2015

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It's our first time behind the wheel of the Ford Fiesta ST. But what if we could immediately compare it to a nicely modified Fiesta ST? That's exactly what we did. A very special thanks to Kevin Glaus and Jonathan Deng for letting us drive their Fiesta ST! Check out Jonathan's modified 2014 Ford Fiesta ST on WheelWell via the link below! the entire story on video was very much impromptu and I did goof on some things and I apologize. 1. The engine noise is not pumped through the speakers like I said in the video but rather through the firewall via sound tube.2. The GoPro housing got dirty after the first drive and we didn't notice it when transferring equipment to the second car. Sorry!