Stoke City - Monkey Dust Mayhem & Rooftops #StreetNews

by: Scarcity Studios     Published on: 20 August 2019

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One police officer described how users of the drug appear to have superhero-like strength.Although 'monkey dust' has emerged over the last two years, local police, paramedics and hospital workers have reportedly seen a surge in cases this summer.A monkey dust addict mum-of-two repeatedly stabbed a man in the back during vicious robbery.Vanessa Malpass tricked her way into the victim’s home before attacking him with a kitchen knife.Her co-accused Wayne Ferns sprayed with lighter fluid in the victim's face during the terrifying incident in Leek .Rooftop siege -An angry dad caused thousands of pounds of damage, forced businesses to shut for the day and left residents trapped in their homes during a 17-hour rooftop siege.Ashley Oakes armed himself with two kitchen knives and climbed on top of his girlfriend’s house in Cornelious Street, Meir , where he began hurling tiles at police officers and at cars causing hours of delays .Please don't forget to like comment share and subscribe youAlpha Claims and Hire are Birmingham's leading accident management company specialising in non-fault claims. Are you a taxi driver?Have you been involved in a accident?Do you need a accident replacement car?Call us on: 0121 327 0382We stock cars for Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Solihull, Walsall Councils, and many more councils across the UK.Alpha claims and hire stocks euro 6, clean air zone compliant cars. ************************************************Alpha claims and hire opened its doors in 2009. The company quickly became the sector’s leader with its brand new top quality cars, unprecedented service quality, 24 hour service and still remains as the number 1 choice for post accident services.By offering many unique options to drivers, Alpha claims and hire quickly brought extra flair to the accident management industry and is based in the heart of Birmingham city center.The claims company became the one and only address for taxi drivers, car drivers, and passengers since its opening and continues to be different and special with its wide variety of cars, and top notch service.************************************************Reach out:Instagram:************************************************Our services:Alpha Claims & hire: Wedding hire: Taxi car hire: