Stumpjumper vs Remedy vs Process vs Bronson vs SB150 | 2019 Pinkbike Field Test

by: Pinkbike     Published on: 08 December 2018

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On paper, the five bikes we placed in the trail / enduro category seem pretty similar – they all have carbon frames, between 140 – 153mm of rear travel, and head angles between 64.5 – 66 degrees. It's a different story out in the real world, though, where numbers don't always match up with expectations. Nerd out on geometry charts and dive deep into the kinematics of a bike all you want, but there's no way to really tell how a bike will handle heinous climbs, gnarly descents, and everything in between, until you actually hop on and put tires to dirt. Check out the video to get the top picks from our tech editors Mike Levy, Daniel Sapp and Mike Kazimer.Read the full article 👉 Merch - out the photo feature, all the bikes and meet the testers on Pinkbike: Pinkbike videos: Introducing the Pinkbike Field Test Buchar Hot Lap's Biggest Public Jumps by Chris Ricci, Ryys Syryczyński, & Peter WojnarEdited by Chris RicciPhotography by Trevor LydenProduced by Brian Park & Mike KazimerSubscribe for more content from the pulse of mountain biking.Website - https://www.pinkbike.comFacebook - - -