SUPER CHEAP Auction Find! RennTech E63 AMG Hiding $40,000 In Mods Including A Weistec SuperCharger!

by: LegitStreetCars     Published on: 30 November 2019

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Get Honey for FREE saves you money every time you shop online by searching and applying all the discount and coupon codes automatically!The auction listed this Renntech Mercedes as a normal E63 AMG but it was hiding $40,000 in modifications! Under the hood is a $12,000 Weistec supercharger and the car was sent out to Renntech for their Stage 3 performance package that sells for $22,000 alone! This sleeper AMG Car has a lot more and was sold for normal trade-in value! In this video, we go for a totally normal test drive with no WOT pulls at all, we take it to Mercedes to complain about stuff and I lift the car to see what else this 2010 E63 is hiding. Oh and I show you a real repair order from the Mercedes dealership that will make you laugh. One day I'd love to supercharge my C63 AMG and driving this car definitely helped make that decision.Check out Mancuso MotorSports! here! @LegitStreetCars Facebook page Car Stuff I Buy on Amazon