Survivor Testimony: Escaping the Auschwitz Gas Chambers - Rachel Gleitman

by: HMTC     Published on: 11 December 2014

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Rachel (Rae) Gleitman was born in Muncacs Czechoslovakia in 1923. In 1939, the Germans sent her brother to labor brigade at the battlefront. She and the rest of her family were forced onto cattle cars and deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. In January 1945, as the Soviets approached Auschwitz, she and other prisoners were sent on a death march. She and a dozen young women escaped from the march. Ms. Gleitman first returned to her hometown, then to Prague and finally to a displaced persons (DP) camp in Germany. She taught Hebrew in the DP camp and married. Ms. Gleitman is featured in the documentary, "Paperclips." She spoke about escaping the Auschwitz Gas Chambers at the HMTC conference, "Generations," which took place on June 8, 2014 at Hofstra University.