Swing A Tennis Racket Like A Weight Instead Using It Like A Tool

by: Feel Tennis Instruction     Published on: 07 February 2018

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Description : of the most common problems in the game of tennis is that players don't use their whole body to hit strokes and they don't swing their rackets.Instead they typically just use their arms to move their racket around and that is a very straining way of playing tennis that sometimes results in injuries.Instead of getting to technical with explanations of the kinetic chain and how you need to engage your body segments in the correct sequence, we can cut through all those technicalities with a more simple approach.Use your racket more like a weight and less like a tool.That's the topic of this week's article and I invite you to check it out and see where I am going with this idea.I'll show you how using your racket like a weight encourages you to use your body more and swing the racket more effortlessly.You'll also learn many reasons why you may be using your racket like a tool and not like a weight as this is a very common problem in tennis.