Swiss Zfk 31/42 Sniper Rifle to 500yds: Practical Accuracy (K31 Sniper with GP11ammo)

by: 9-Hole Reviews     Published on: 15 August 2019

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Practical Accuracy scoreboard now on Patreon! 👉 1,100 Zfk 31/42 rifles exist in the world, and 2,300 of these side-scope snipers were manufactured (including later Zfk 31/43 rifles that had a marginally higher magnification scope). This was in an era when sniper rifles with optics were still being developed. Optical quality was finally starting to give marksmen an edge (not always), and militaries were eager to develop optic-enabled rifles for their marksmen. From the design, we can see that the Swiss wanted to come up with a solution that the marksman could keep a low silhouette, could use ammunition chargers (stripper clips), have an intuitive elevation adjustment, and an unobtrusive scope for carrying the rifle around. On the textbook, they achieved these objectives... but in practice, there are some things that lead to the final refinement of the Zfk 55 less than 15 years from the Zfk 31/42's release. Ammunition used: Swiss military issued GP11 7.5x55mm, vintage 1992. Huge thanks to Edelweiss Arms for loaning us this rare example of Swiss craftsmanship to evaluate! We have a discount for Slate Black Industries MLOK accessories! 👉 www (dot) slateblackindustries (dot) com Discount code: 9HOLEShopping with this link costs you nothing, but provides us with equipment: Conversions: 150y - 137m200y - 182m250y - 229m300y - 274m350y - 320m400y - 366m450y - 411m500y - 457mTasteful merchandise for the discerning firearms enthusiast 👉 video's editing by Agency Communications LLCMusic by Tyops (THANKS!!!)__________________________________________________________________We love mail:9 Hole Reviews21175 Tomball Pkwy. No. 480Houston, Texas 77070