Sylvester Stallone Collection- Full Career Review

by: SandersRobin24     Published on: 15 January 2015

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More pro wrestling vids are on the way, I apologize for the lack of Pro Wrestling Vids. This is a video I that I filmed months ago but wasn't sure about uploading. You Tube blocked some of my music vids so I just wanted to upload this to make sure they didn't put a time limit restriction on my vids. Overall Sylvester Stallone had a very interesting career. He helped WWE find its identity leading up to the first Wrestlemania so I hope you find this interesting and educational.Full Sylvester Stallone Catalog/FilmographyCAPONE- 1974Death Race 2000- 1975Rocky- 1976F.I.S.T- 1978Paradise Alley- 1978Rocky 2- 1979Night Hawks- 1981Victory- 1981Rocky III- 1982First Blood- 1982Rhinestone- 1984Rambo First Blood Part 2- 1985Rocky IV- 1985Cobra- 1986Over The Top 1987Rambo III- 1988Lock Up- 1989Tango & Cash- 1989Rocky V- 1990Oscar- 1991Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot- 1992Demolition Man- 1993The Specialist- 1994Judge Dredd- 1995Assassins- 1995Daylight- 1996Cop Land- 1997Get Carter- 2000Driven- 2001Avenging Angelo- 2002D-Tox Eye See You 2002/2003Shade- 2004Rocky Balboa- 2006Rambo- 2008Expendables- 2010Expendables 2- 2012Bullet To The Head 2013Escape Plan- 2013Grudge Match- 2013Expendables 3- 2014Reach Me- 2014Creed- 2015