Symphony of Science - 10th Anniversary Tribute

by: melodysheep     Published on: 17 September 2019

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Celebrating 10 years of remixing scientists with a mashup of my earliest work. It all began with a goofy remix of Carl Sagan I thought nobody would ever see - I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going, but I was having fun. The response blew me away. I owe everything to you guys - my deepest thanks to everyone who has followed along on this weird and wild creative journey and made the whole thing possible. I kinda cringe at the quality of those old videos, but the spirit is much the same, and I hope you dig this little nostalgic trip back through the past decade. I always thought my dream job would be a musician or film composer. But this trip has taught me that filmmaking is where my passion is strongest. Exploring the endless possible synergies between visuals, music, sound, and thought will keep me occupied for a lifetime. I am slowly phasing out the use of auto-tune as I gear up for the next phase in this creative journey, which will be to deliver truly mind-bending, sensory rich experiences that explore the frontiers of human knowledge.This journey is just beginning. Big things are in store. I would love for you to join me for the next 10 years. Follow along for more deep thoughts and deep tunes :)Peace and love,Melodysheep@musicalscience@melodysheep_melodysheep.comFeaturing:Carl SaganStephen HawkingNeil deGrasse TysonRichard FeynmanBill NyeJill Bolte TaylorBrian CoxCarolyn PorcoHelp us caption & translate this video!