TEDxAmsterdam - Jacob Gelt Dekker - 11/20/09

by: TEDx Talks     Published on: 15 December 2009

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Jacob Gelt Dekker is a modern day explorer with an entrepreneurial spin and above all a philanthropist. Gelt Dekkers entrepreneurial successes include hotels, art companies, music businesses and one-hour photo shops. Currently the serial entrepreneur devotes himself to creation of the resort and museum Kura Hulanda in Curacao, he supports a wide range of charitable organisations, and he also finances various scientific endeavours, Gelt Dekker just published a philosophical novel called Pot met goud. (Pot of Gold). Gelt Dekker surprised the TEDxAmsterdam audience with a story about heroes in history that stood up for their ideas, and even died for them. He asked the audience to look within to find the true gold.