That Good - Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa

by: Brittany Paige     Published on: 30 July 2011

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Song; That Good Artist; Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa DISCLAIMER; THIS DOES NOT BELONG TO ME IN ANY WAY Lyrics; [CHORUS] I'm smoking everywhere I go No stick, no seeds, just Al Green I always gotta keep one rolled I keep that, need that, got that I'm rolling every gram I own that purp, that bomb, that kush don't gotta understand, they know I smoke that, fire that, good that good that Concentrated, everyday I'm faded tree's prepared & properly cultivated I nursed 'em, sprayed down, no chemicals just me & my buddy, ya hear me now never treat ya wrong, to each his own Snoop & Wiz, the new Cheech & Chong we up in smoke, making street schemes smoking sticky green, having sweet dreams break it down, put it in the zig zag & pull the top back & let the ass drag hit the switch, quickest way to get a bitch executive branch, get a whiff of this black car, sack a dank high school n***a what the f-ck you think I'm passing all my classes with flying colors & everyday I'm high as a muthaf-cker [CHORUS] Sun roof open, smoking while I'm rolling my bitches only notice it if its potent bottle of Perignon, we can go kick it by the ocean get in between your legs joint roaches & ashes all in your bed you calling her babe, she calling me instead cause I put that game all in her hair she saw the crib, she know that I'm balling when he aint have nothing he used to stall em now I with the boss dogg, all the bad hoes want him & my pockets on swole, I'm talking Rick Ross big & now when we shop we don't care what the cost is rolling up good, smoking that bomb shit blow a whole OZ, n***a thats boss shit now she all f-ck her man, rubberbands in my pocket getting money, going hard for my profit bad bitch keep the joint stuffed like stockings young n***a getting bread, why knock it [CHORUS] In high school, we do just like we like to we cordially invite you now roll up get high to it we welcome you to highschool we do just like we like to we cordially invite you now roll up get high to it get high to it [CHORUS]