The 5 BEST NEW Gaming and Streaming Tech Coming In 2020

by: Alpha Gaming     Published on: 15 January 2020

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The future is now, old man. CES 2020 had some nuggets that I think could make some massive changes to the way we game and stream this year.Check out Elgato's new products here ►► #ad-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------TWITCH ►► ►► ►► Streaming Kit ►► Streaming Kit ►► Streaming Kit ►► Videos:USB Mic Showdown: Twitch Tips and Tricks: Biggest Do's and Don't's of Twitch:'s Success "Formula": Twitch Growth is (almost) Impossible: Tags (cuz real tags don't do much anymore): Gaming, Streaming, laptop, OBS, Microphone, Camera, Elgato, Intel, Origin, PC, Console, Xbox, Playstation, Twitch, Mixer, Youtube-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks for watching, homies#CES2020 #Streaming #Gaming #Twitch