The Biggest Questions After The GoT Finale

by: Looper     Published on: 22 May 2019

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There are threads left dangling, prophecies unanswered, and portentous warnings that now seem strange and pointless. Were these questions intentionally unanswered? Did the Game of Thrones writers simply forget about them or purposefully shunt them to the side when the show took unexpected turns?From the White Walkers' introduction in the first episode to the moment Arya Stark dispatched them all with a well-aimed strike, they were a terrifying mystery.Here and there, Game of Thrones dropped tantalizing hints about the White Walkers' culture that we never saw brought to any sort of coherent conclusion. We know that the Children of the Forest created them from human men, and that they needed healthy human babies to continue their line. We know that they took these babies to a place in their home in the Lands of Always Winter, which looked an awful lot like a civilized settlement. We heard them emit what sounded like screeches, but to them seemed to be a sort of language.Had they succeeded in tightening their frigid grip upon the world, they might have had plans beyond mayhem and death. Perhaps, as in the books, there were female White Walkers hidden away up north, and a mysterious and unique brand of ice magic unknown to any other race.Watch for more about the biggest questions after the GoT finale!#GoT #GameOfThrones #HBO Were the White Walkers intelligent? | 0:17Are there more Children of the Forest? | 1:13What's the new Night's Watch's job? | 2:06Is the Lord of Light the only powerful god? | 3:03What happened to Slaver's Bay? | 4:03Did the Faith Militant give up? | 4:56What happened in Dorne? | 5:50Did the prophecies mean anything? | 6:47What was up with Quaithe? | 7:37Why are the seasons so long? | 8:27Does Bran's warging even matter? | 9:33