The Lawmen (2011) FULL MOVIE

by: Nathaniel Barber     Published on: 26 March 2015

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(A lawman must team up with his estranged brother to stop nefarious gang of outlaws from obtaining a mystical treasure. ) Please SUBSCRIBE and share the film. Like and Follow The Lawmen on Facebook: Making THE LAWMEN - Five years of dedication were spent making this film with a DV camera and a dream to make an epic western. My brother and I began shooting the movie while in High School and completed the film shortly after senior year. The Lawmen was shot all across the west including Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and even Kaua'i, Hawaii. The premiere of The Lawmen was held at the Farr Best Theater in Mansfield, Texas on December 29, 2011. Directed by Matthew Barber. Screenplay by Matthew Barber and Nathaniel Barber. Music by Juan Carlos Enriquez. Starring Nathaniel Barber, Matthew Barber, Chad Hendrick, Bill Barber, Kerry Senum, David Barber, Steve Barber, Al Riddle, and Kayla Holland.Follow Barber Motion Pictures on Facebook: