The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (OST Original Soundtrack)

by: Oleg Demin     Published on: 24 March 2014

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LOTR - The Fellowship of the Ring (Original Soundtrack + мovie clips compilation) OST tracklist:00:00:20 01. The Prophecy00:04:11 02. Concerning Hobbits00:06:56 03. The Shadow Of The Past00:10:26 04. The Treason Of Isengard00:14:18 05. The Black Rider00:17:02 06. At The Sign Of The Prancing Pony00:20:11 07. A Knife In The Dark00:23:41 08. Flight To The Ford00:27:50 09. Many Meetings00:30:51 10. The Council Of Elrond (feat. Enya)00:34:36 11. The Ring Goes South00:36:34 12. A Journey In The Dark00:40:49 13. The Bridge Of Khazad-Dum00:46:41 14. Lothlorien00:51:12 15. The Great River00:53:49 16. Amon Hen00:58:47 17. The Breaking Of The Fellowship01:06:06 18. May It Be (feat. Enya)Music by Howard Shore. official The Lord of the Rings website. Get the insider scoop on the latest news, products and new content: