The Male Maid | Gay Love Story GLMM

by: Galaxy Studios     Published on: 09 July 2019

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Description :

(WARNING: this video was supposed to come out after the SB but it got copyrighted and bc i was too lazy to rewrite the description i copy pasted it from the original one so if you see old stuff now u know why)Hey guys so here you have the male maid, i got this idea a long time ago since this video is old but anyways i got this idea of a female role but in male and since I didn’t know what a maid in male was called i named it the male maid. 😅😂Anyways i hope you enjoyed this mini movie i STRONGLY support LGBTQ+ and i just love hearing their stories of how they overcame some obstacles that have to do with this. Also im still young so i dont really know what type i am but at the moment im straight. 😅One last thing, so if you voted on the poll in the last video i wont be calling you those names in the next videos since these videos are already made but in the future i will call you the name you voted most.Thats all i have to say so see you in the next video,BYEEEE!!!!!!! LOVE YOUUUUU!!!!!!!