The Most Creative Proposal EVER! Fake Wedding, Real Engagement

by: LJDJS     Published on: 10 September 2014

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New age proposals are beginning to pop-up everywhere with elaborate setups and weeks of planning that were needed to make the event happen. They are now viewable on sites such as YouTube making so many people smile and rejoice that love is alive in such a grand way. One example of a new age proposal is the dance flash mob engagement where elaborate choreographed setups in the middle of large public places commence where the proposal will happen. Another new age idea is at a movie theater where a trailer is the engagement question to an unexpected soon to be bride thinking she was just going to the movies with her boyfriend. After she says yes, unbeknownst to her, she turns around and sees all her family and friends sitting in the audience which adds even more of a dramatic beauty to the experience making the whole setup priceless. Those are just two small examples of new age proposals; however, one just recently happened at an LJDJS event involving a spectacular undertaking and flawless execution. Not to mention the owner of , Jack Bermeo, was the man who asked his girlfriend Sophia to be his bride. READ MORE or & watch more videos on