The Myth of The Best Adventure Motorcycle!

by: Motorcycle Adventures     Published on: 22 October 2019

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What you really need to know before start traveling! I keep talking and talking, but seems like no one really listen! People keep asking me, what will be my choice, Yamaha Tenere 700, KTM 790 or Africa Twin? In this video I will bust the myth of the best adventure motorcycle!What is the purpose to buy light dual sport bike if you always liked big and powerful touring machines? Just because someone told you that they are great adventure motorcycles? Forget about it, what is good for one could be a nightmare for another! Many of you think that I am some kind of GS hater, no absolutely not! They are great bikes, but not for my type of trips! I said it many times, but I am going to do it again: “The bike is just a tool, the travel is what really matters!” You can travel with any bike as longer you have the will to do it! The adventure means different thing for the different people. I have some close friends who don’t really have the free time to travel, but they love to buy stuff and make plans and you know what, this is absolutely fine! There is no difference between me and them, don’t you agree? Yes, I want to travel the world, but you my friend, yes, exactly you might want something different, for example touring the Alps. Do you think that we need the same bikes? Of course not! You have to understand one very simple thing: There is no one universal motorcycle to perform perfect in any situation or terrains! The ultimate adventure machine is only a myth and it is a matter of time to find the limitations of any bike and rider. The motorcycle reviews I usually make are just to show you that every bike have pros and cons, not to convince you that one is better than another! Powerful engine, great suspension, ABS, traction control and any other systems are there to help, but they cannot ride the motorcycle. That is your job and it really depends from you how far the adventure will go. Any bike could be an adventure bike, because the adventure is a state of the mind not of the bike! Once you accept that the things become easier! Stop listening these great experts that keep telling you that without their product you cannot make it and take me for example! I did all of my trips on very simple motorcycles with a minimum gear. Do you think that because of that I enjoy it less than the guys with fancy bikes and expensive gear? Most watched videos in my channel: my channel: Shop (Affiliate): Adventures merchandise: Turn System now offers 20 % discount and lifetime warranty for everyone who use the links below:Smart Turn System: Brake Module: Smart Bundle: highly recommend their products to each and every one of you. Smart GPS Tracker: my Patron: http://rtw-adventures.comFacebook: