The Perfect 3 Exercise Shoulder Workout for "Massive Rear Delts"

by: mountaindog1     Published on: 11 September 2019

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Are you looking to build some crazy rear detls? Today is your lucky day. In this video i show you just that. how to build rear delts with the perfect three exercise workout for rear delts. Give this rear delt workout a try and let me know how you like it. For more perfect workouts make sure you check out our playlist. website: Discount code - MDYOUTUBE10IG: sure you like the video share the video and subscribe to the channel. And if you would like me to answer any of you question please ask them in the comment section.John Meadows is an American professional bodybuilder and entrepreneur with an intriguing story. While John now boasts a successful career as an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and fitness company owner, his journey towards the top was extremely difficult.Growing up, John never met his father, and his mother died at an extremely young age. This meant John only had his grandmother to take care of him. When his grandmother tragically passed away in 1999, John was left alone without his family to support him.As the years went by, John continued to face new adversities in his life. During his early days in bodybuilding, John suffered from a rare colon disease. After fighting the disease for several months, his colon burst – almost resulting in his death. Luckily, John was quickly rushed to an emergency room where his life was saved. After several months of recovery, John was finally back on his feet.Coming back into bodybuilding, John used the very obstacles that almost cost him his life as ‘fuel’ to grow stronger. Ever since he recovered from the colon surgery, John has gone on to become a successful bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and inspiration for many people all over the world.IFBB North American Bodybuilding Championships, Men’s Heavyweight, 4th place2005USA Bodybuilding & Figure Championships, Men’s Heavyweight, 13th placeLos Angeles Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships, Men’s Heavyweight, 4th place2007IFBB North American Championships, Men Heavyweight, 16th place2010IFBB North American Championships, Men’s Heavyweight, 12th place2011North American Championships, IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding: Heavyweight, 9th place2012North American Championships, IFBB Bodybuilding: Over 40 – Heavyweight, 2nd placeNorth American Championships, IFBB Bodybuilding: Heavyweight, 7th placeNPC Teen, Collegiate & Masters National Championships, Bodybuilding: Over 40 – Heavyweight, 2nd place2013Masters National Championships, Bodybuilding: Masters Over 40 Super Heavyweight, 2nd placeMasters National Championships, Bodybuilding: Masters Over 35 Super Heavyweight, 3rd place2014NPC National Championships, Bodybuilding Heavyweight, 6th placeMasters National Championships, Bodybuilding Masters Over 35 – Super Heavyweight, 2nd placeTeam Universe, Bodybuilding Over 40 Super Heavyweight, 4th place2015NPC Universe, Bodybuilding Over 40 Overall, 1st place – Earned the Pro CardWings of Strength Texas, Bodybuilding IFBB Pro 212, 5th placeTampa Pro, IFBB Pro 212, 3rd placeVancouver Pro, Bodybuilding IFBB Pro 212, 5th place2016Wings of Strength Chicago Pro, IFBB Pro Men 212, 10th placeToronto Pro, IFBB Pro Men 212, 10th placeArnold Classic, IFBB Pro 212, 9th place2017#RearDets #Delts #JohnMeadows