The Re-Stoned - Stories Of The Astral Lizard(Full Album)

by: HYPERLOUPE     Published on: 04 June 2018

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The Re-Stoned - Stories Of The Astral Lizard June 4, 2018Tracks1. Fractal Panorama(00:00)2. Mental Print For Free(11:16)3. A Companion From The Outside(14:54)4. Two Astral Projections(21:50)5. The Heather Carnival(38:14)6. Third Astral Projection(42:48)7. Bronze Vibes(48:58) Ilya Lipkin - electric & acoustic guitars, fx, bass, mandolinaEvgeniy Tkachev (aka Rasputin) - percussion, rain stickAlexander Romanov - bassArkadiy Fedotov - synthSergey Andriashin - bassAlina Barsukova - fluteRecorded at Rushus Studio 2015Mix & Mastering by Ilya LipkinCover art by Alexander (Arzamas) ZhelonkinDesign by Ilya LipkinOak Island Records OIR 26All music by The Re-Stoned © 2018