The Story of Hai

by: theScore esports     Published on: 10 March 2018

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Without Hai, North American League of Legends would be completely different.Hai is the NA LCS’s original shotcaller, the league’s first real leader whose unique shotcalling style and macro play got Cloud9 into the LCS and revolutionized the league itself.This is his story.Courtesy List:Cloud 9: The Hai Life [extended]Courtesy: Riot Games VodsCourtesy: Riot Games The LemonNation StoryCourtesy: Riot Games of the Week Promo: Cloud9 vs FlyQuestCourtesy: Riot Games Welcomes Bunny FuFuu!Courtesy: Cloud9 MEETS KEVIN DURANT? | Golden State Warriors hang out with Golden GuardiansCourtesy: Golden Guardians for Seconds: Quantic GamingCourtesy: Riot Games III IntroCourtesy: Blizzard Entertainment A Brief HistoryCourtesy: Valve Zeus vs trilane ownage/skillCourtesy: Blizzard Entertainment of Warcraft Cinematic TrailerCourtesy: Blizzard Entertainment of Legends | Official Teaser Trailer (2009)Courtesy: Riot Games Star Clash - Funny Pre-Game Interview (Krepo op)Courtesy: Tespa & Lemon Vietnam Trip Vlog #1 | Sponsored by iBuyPowerCourtesy: Cloud9'Reflections' with Hai (LoL)Courtesy: Thorin 9: Past and PresentCourtesy: Riot Games & Hai interview post match C9 vs TSM W7D2 Summer 2013Courtesy: Riot Games Unleashes CLG Magic Spinner To Dominate NA LCSCourtesy: Riot Games - Road to RecoveryCourtesy: Riot Games's Hospital StreamCourtesy: Hai Lam Check (C9 vs CLG Edition)Courtesy: Riot Games Chat: Inside Cloud 9 vs Samsung BlueCourtesy: Riot Games The Retirement InterviewCourtesy: GameSpot HyperX at Boiling Crab and a Boba place!Courtesy: Cloud9 Talks C9 Shot Calling Issues and Their Poor StartCourtesy: GameSpot told Incarnation: "I Will Do My Best to Bring You to Worlds If You Can Carry Me There"Courtesy: GameSpot LCS Summer 2015: W9D2 | TSM vs C9: Hai's Exclusive InterviewCourtesy: Riot Games 9 with Hai vs Without Hai - PTL EP3 2016Courtesy: Riot Games - LoL Worlds 2014 VlogCourtesy: Cloud9 / Hai Lam[NA Promotion] Is Hai retiring? - Interview from NA Promotion TournamentCourtesy: Riot Games - Road to PlayoffsCourtesy: FlyQuest LCS Spring Semifinals: Hai and BjergsenCourtesy: Riot Games used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS:Android: us on Twitter: us on Facebook: us on Instagram: us on Snapchat: theScoreesportsCheck out our website: http://www.theScoreesports.comCheck out our League of Legends builds site: