The untold Lotus crash story from the World’s Longest Street Race

by: VINwiki     Published on: 25 July 2019

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Top Cannonball StoriesThe history of the Cannonball Run - the AMEX algorithm - Blues Brothers Cannonball - fraternity of lunatics - the Brock Yates Audi - 1979 Cannonball Baker Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash was the craziest street race ever held. John was the youngest participant that year in Lotus Esprit. The only accident reported in that event was an all girl team that ran off the road but this is the story of the crash no one talked about. Images copyright and with permission from John Harrison & Gero Hoschek. AutoTempest allows you to compare results from Craigslist nationally with all the top listing sites. Visit today and see where your next car is hiding. Visit our store - Download VINwiki and add to the stories of the cars you love. sure to like and subscribe!