The Video Nasty Project: The Boogeyman

by: The Video Nasty Project     Published on: 16 January 2019

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Description :

Tonight's Video Nasty is The Boogeyman, a 1980 horror movie directed by German director and graduate of the Andy Warhol Factory Ulli Lommel, starring (and I use the term very loosely) John Carradine.After her brother Willy has violent encounter with her mom's fuck buddy, Lacey (and her brother) went to live on a farm with her aunt and uncle. Now all grown up, Lacy's past is returning to haunt her, in the form of nightmares. So to confront her past, Lacey visits the house she grew up in and smashes a mirror with the reflection of the dead fuckbuddy in it. Upside? It's the end of her nightmares. The problem? It's the beginning of an all new terror. . .◘ E-MAIL US ► [email protected]◘ TWIT US ►◘ VISIT US ►◘ FUND US ►◘ FACEBOOK US ► #JohnCarradine #Horror