This Psychic WARNED ME Not To GO Into This HAUNTED Park... But I Went In Anyways, ALONE At NIGHT.

by: The Paranormal Files (Official Channel)     Published on: 04 June 2019

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👻 I went into this HAUNTED PARK alone at night... and I captured some CRAZY paranormal activity on camera. Donna O'Dea, a psychic, told me her stories of hauntings at the park and warned me about how dangerous this urban exploration could potentially be... what happened to me in the preserve at midnight? WATCH MORE to find out. 👻👻 CHECK OUT OUR VLOG CHANNEL! (new videos every week!): 👻👻 WE HAVE NEW MERCH!:👻 SUBSCRIBE to the channel with ONE CLICK! (be sure to turn your notifications ON):👻We're on INSTAGRAM!Colin (Personal): (Personal): PARANORMAL FILES (Official Account): PARANORMAL FILES (MEME ACCOUNT!):👻Join us on FACEBOOK for exclusive content and live videos!:👻Listen to Colin's music (“Sun, Sand & Sadness”!):