Tom Odell - Entertainment (Audio)

by: TomOdellVEVO     Published on: 07 September 2018

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Tom Odell - Entertainment (Audio)Get the new album 'Jubilee Road' here: On Spotify - Tom OdellFacebook - - - - me up on channel twoPourin' out my heart for youIt's a funny thing but it pays my rent,I'm just the entertainmentBring me in from the cold rainI play a couple notes in exchangeThey smile at me and call me their friends,But I'm just the entertainmentI'm just the entertainmentI sing, I dance, but boy I entertain youHum, hum, hum, humLast night I lost my headI found it in some woman's bedI asked her what it all meantShe said 'I'm just the entertainment'So if you feel like having a timeMaybe drink a bottle of wineCome on down bring all your friendsI'll be your entertainment, I'll be your entertainmentI sing, I dance, and boy I entertain youHum, hum, hum, humHum, hum, hum, hum