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TOP 200 FUNNIEST FAILS IN RAINBOW SIX SIEGE✦ Subscribe and turn on all notifications For MORE❤:✦ Submit your Rainbow Six Siege Fails: there, Welcome Back to another episode of Rainbow Six Siege, the greatest multi-game community montages on YouTube! In this series, we create high quality by combining the funniest game moments with the best creative editing in hours(10-15hours). We spend hours to make these moments fun and wonderful, we want to turn them into something new and original. if you want to make your clip great with unique edits and be in the next episode, send your clip! Thanks for watching and we hope you’ll enjoy :)▼ Featured playlists:• RAINBOW SIX SIEGE:• FORTNITE:• GAME FAILS:✦ More Rainbow Six Siege Funny Moments:• TOP 200 FUNNIEST FAILS IN RAINBOW SIX SIEGE #1:► Social:• Twitter:• Facebook:• Instagram:► EPISODES:♫ Music:- Epidemic Sound- JinglePunks- Monstercat- FreeSound★ YouTube doesn't allow enough character in description to add you will be able to find out more on the players in this video on the next episode. Thanks for those who took part and congratulations to making to the best moments.• Important Note: Ward always has the player's permission to feature their clip. If there are any mistakes with the credits, or someone submitted your clip(s) claiming it was theirs please email us and thumbnails are also protected by copyright and stealing them will result in copyright strikes. -- Thanks for all watching and for all the support --- Ward#RainbowSixSiege #TOP200 #RainbowSix #Fails #R6S #FunnyMoments