Top ten martial arts movies

by: Pisces Panda     Published on: 18 September 2013

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I do not own the rights to these songs or movies. Nor am i profiting from any of it. I hope you just enjoy the recommendations for these movies. The songs are Dash by MIB and Pain by Speed.13 Assassins has a pretty good storyline although it is very gruesome and shows everything. It has an epic final battle which makes the movie even more memorable.Rurouni Kenshin is based off of the anime which i thought this movie would suck but was very good. The fight scenes where the best part. Kenshins character in the anime is very quirky but the actor did a pretty good job portraying him in the movie.Bodyguards and Assassins has a storyline that is very political so at times it may be a little boring but i found it interesting. The ending is the best part so its worth watching til the end!Reign of Assassins was a very good movie with a pretty good storyline. I really enjoy this movie. I like the fight scenes and the "love story" in it. I love re-watching this movie.Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is a classic martial arts movie. Although their "flying" bothers me it still has great fight scenes and still capture your attention for being an older movie.Fist of Legend is another classic martial arts movie. It has a good storyline with Jet Li in it what more could you ask for...i mean its JET LI!Ip Man is another great movie with Donnie Yen. It has great fight scenes and a good storyline. Ip Man 2 is also worth watching its not as great as the first one but still has epic fight scenes and the storyline isnt awful.Ninja Assassin is a must when talking about epic fight scenes. The storyline was good and Rain looks FINE in this movie!!!These last two are not technically martial arts relate but action/thriller and both captivated me....Dog Bite Dog.....i dont even know to describe this epic movie. It is very realistic and brutal. I didnt think i was going to like it but it is EPIC. 100% worth watching. A MUST SEE!!!The Man From Nowhere is another must see. It has a nice storyline and epic fight scenes as well. The movie will leave a deep impression on you. Another must see!!There are many more martial arts movies out there. I will try to do 1990s martial movies i like later on and more recommendations. If you have any you want to know about leave a comment and subscribe.