TWL #5: Timekeeping on Mars

by: Wendover Productions     Published on: 19 April 2016

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Description :

Mars...the Final Frontier. Or wait, isn't that space? Or Alaska? Anyways, time systems work on Mars in a somewhat similar but still unique way to timekeeping on earth. This video has a little bit of history, a little bit of astrology, a little bit of horology, a little bit of everything. Twitter: @WendoverProEmail: [email protected] you enjoyed this video please share it on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc. For small channels like this, it helps a lot.This Week's Article:"That Wikipedia List": Observatory Footage provided by designed by FreepikSteam Train public domain film from New Zealand Archives.“The Martian” Poster used under Fair UseOpportunity Rover Footage Courtesy NASASelect footage provided by VideoBlocks LLCMusic provided Epidemic SoundSelect maps provided by OpenStreetMapSelect maps provided by Google MapsSelect visuals provided by Wikipedia CommonsLicenses available upon requestLicensed under Creative Commons 3.0 or fair use guidelines