Udaan - Ek alag Vichar organised by Shahin Foundation | Sanjay Rawal's motivational speech

by: Shahin Foundation hamid memon     Published on: 17 September 2018

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A little push at the right direction can make a big difference. That little push is motivation. Motivation is what polishes a rough stone to a diamond. And who be better at providing motivation then Mr. Sanjay Raval sir. We all know Mr. Sanjay Raval well & how he motivates individuals to live fearless life, develop personality & live life in a positive way. His mission for life is to change the thought process by building confidence in the students& encourage them to give the best in their respective fields. He makes us believe that god is the best of planners so we should accept life gracefully. He beautifully delivers original & useful insights via daily routine examples.