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(20 Nov 1997) Natural Sound Britain's Prince Charles hosted a lunch for the foreign royals as part of Queen Elizabeth the Second and Prince Philip's 50th wedding anniversary celebrations. The royals, including those from Spain, the Netherlands and Jordan, had earlier attended a service at London's Westminster Abbey for the couple. While the Prince's youngest son, Prince Harry was out in front with his father; Prince William, the heir to the throne, was shielded from the cameras amongst the other guests. Prince Charles chose the Royal Naval College at Greenwich for his lunch for the 190 foreign royals and dignitaries. Three hundred years ago it was a royal palace and Prince Charles chose to have his guests take a boat down the Thames to the College - - in much the same way visitors would have three centuries ago. A large and very vocal group of children gathered to greet the royal party enthusiastically waving the flags of those attending. Prince Charles led the guests off the boat with his aunt, Princess Margaret and his youngest son, Prince Harry. Prince William, however, was hidden from the cameras' gaze, mingling with his uncle - Prince Edward and a larger group of royals. And even on this happy day for the British royal family - there was still a whiff of scandal. The Duchess of York was reported to have refused to attend the Westminster Abbey service because she was not invited to the subsequent lunch. Her ex-husband Prince Andrew, however, was there with their two daughters, nine-year- old Beatrice and the seven-year-old Eugenie. Monarchs from across Europe attended the lunch including Queen Sofia of Spain, the Crown Prince of Jordan and his wife and the Netherlands Queen Beatrix. The Queen and Prince Philip were at a separate lunch as guests of British Prime Minister Tony Blair. You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive: