Us Soundtrack (2019)

by: Cinephile     Published on: 23 March 2019

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Music by Michael Abels🎧 Buy/stream▶️ P L A Y L I S T0:00:00 Anthem0:02:57 Outernet0:03:43 Spider0:05:00 Ballet Memory0:06:11 Beach Walk0:07:35 First Man Standing0:08:20 Back to the House0:09:30 Keep You Safe0:11:07 Don't Feel Like Myself0:13:07 She Tried to Kill Me0:14:53 Boogieman's Family0:16:19 Home Invasion0:20:30 Once Upon a Time0:23:30 Run0:28:09 Into the Water0:30:33 Spark in the Closet0:33:31 Escape to the Boat0:34:49 Femme Fatale0:37:03 Silent Scream0:38:27 News Report0:40:30 Zora Drives0:42:12 Death of Umbrae0:43:07 Somber Ride0:44:15 Immolation0:45:55 Down the Rabbit Hole0:48:30 Performance Art0:49:51 Human0:53:54 Battle Plan0:54:54 Pas de deux0:57:45 They Can't Hurt You0:59:31 Finale1:02:36 I Got 5 on It (Tethered Mix from Us)🔴 My Music Stores🔴 Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links where I'll earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.🔴 IMPORTANT: If any artist or label has copyright issues with my videos (including artists of the images used), please send an e-mail me and I will remove it immediately!Tags: #us #us2019 #ost #soundtrack