VA Back Pay (Retroactive Benefits)

by: Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD     Published on: 29 March 2019

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1:22 What is back pay, or retroactive benefits?2:36 Why Effective Dates Matter 5:16 Exceptions to Effective Date Rules 6:42 Increased Ratings & Back Pay 11:05 Rating Reductions & Back Pay14:10 Effective Dates When Reopening a Claim 15:29 Changes in VA Law16:54 DIC Benefits & Back Pay 18:46 Clear and Unmistakable Errors (CUE) & Back Pay21:00 Back Pay in Nehmer Cases (Agent Orange) 24:07 How does VA calculate back pay over long time periods?26:21 Back Pay and Compensation Offsets or Recoupment- Separation Pay- Severance Pay- VA Pension- Retirement Pay (CRDP and CRSC)34:08 Appealing an Effective DateREAD THE BLOG POST HERE: free to ask questions, give us feedback, or request new veterans' law topics below! And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE so you won’t miss future videos.