VHS/Betamax Update(3/4/2018)

by: VHSBetaOpeningPreviewLover1991     Published on: 04 March 2018

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Here Are The VHS/Betamax Updates For 3/4/2018, And With All The Tapes I Have Here Recently:VHS Tapes:1. The Wild Bunch(1969) Printed In 1979.2. The Mysterious Island(1975) Printed In 1987.3. Rainbow Brite: Peril In The Pits(1983) Printed In 1985.4. Jerry Maguire, Amor y Desafio(1996) Printed In 1997(Mexican Spanish VHS Copy).5. Aladdin And The King of Thieves(Aladdin e os 40 Ladrões)(1996) Printed In 2000(Brazilian Portuguese VHS Copy).6. Batman(1989) Printed In 1990(German VHS Copy).7. The Secret Garden(1984) Printed In 1988(Reprinted In 1990)(Print Date:The 42nd Week Of 1992).8. The Black Stallion Returns(1983) Printed In 1996(Print Date:October 17th, 1996).9. 4 Favorite Cartoon Classics: Felix(19??) Printed In 1992.10. The Importance Of Being Donald(1938-1941) Printed In 1986.11. Diablolique(1996) Printed In 1996(Print Date:January 19th, 1997).12. Akira Kurosawa's Dreams(1990) Printed In 1991(Print Date:September 3rd, 1998)(This VHS Of This Movie Is In Japanese With English Subtitles).13. The Adventures Of Corduroy: Cordury Goes Home(1996) Printed In 1996(Print Date:The 5th Week Of 1997).14. The Eddie Duchin Story(1956) Printed In 1992(Print Date:The 43rd Week Of 1992).15. Cary Grant: Hollywood's Greatest Leading Man(1992) Printed In 1992.16. Kiss The Night(1987) Printed In 1988.17. The Painted Hills(1951) Printed In 1993.18. High Anxiety(1977) Printed In 1981.19. Fatal Beauty(1987) Printed In 1988(Print Date #1:May 1st, 1993 & Print Date #2:May 3rd, 1988).20. Aerosmith: Big Ones You Can Look At(1994) Printed In 1994.Betamax Tapes:21. The Many Adventures Of Winnie the Pooh(Las Aventuras de Wini Pu(1977) Printed In 1985(Venezuelan Spanish Betamax Copy).