by: FlightJunkies     Published on: 16 May 2019

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JUST ANOTHER COOL "LOOKING" MOTOR .BUT.....WITH THE SAME LOUSEY PROBLEMS AS ALL THE OTHERS. SAME CRAP ON A DIFFERENT CAGE. For people coming into the sport, this one could almost FOOL them by its looks. But to those of us in the sport this unit is a JOKE. People are already laughing at it because..... WE KNOW BETTER.They spent so much money trying to make this thing look good but it's completely impractical. It's kind of like putting MAKEUP AND LIPSTICK on a pig. LolVirus PPG. I will admit ONE THING...this motor fits the name. LOL If I had this virus I would do anything I could to get rid of it quickly. Folks there is no comparison to the German FRESH BREEZE UNIT. Here are just a few reasons why and I could have gone on forever explaining some other things about this unit but I felt bad for the owner. He spent way more and got a lot less.Flightjunkies offers unlimited free training in all 50 states. Captain Kurt has been the top instructor for over two and a half decades in the United States. And a world record holder with 1255 students to date. 330 554 9194Phone lines are open now from 8 in the morning until midnight seven days a week for the past 28 years.330 554