by: Lennon The Bunny     Published on: 20 April 2019

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Rabbit hoarding situations are much more common than you think. When addressing the hoarder, it's important to remain calm and helpful, otherwise the hoarder will not want to recieve help. PLEASE sponsor a bunny and help Adopt a Bunny Rabbit, Inc. raise funds to get the bunnies spayed/neutered and the right medical care so they can be adopted into good homes and be pulled from this sad situation: US:Lennon's instagram:'s instagram:'s music: http://www.loreleicarlson.com_____________________COMMON PRODUCTS IN OUR VIDEOS:Hay: (10% Discount link)Wood Stove Litter: (10% Discount link)Pet Stroller: & Sullivan Odor Remover: Cubes: Protector: Cordless Vacuum: Wee Pads: Critical Care: Playpen: Travel Pen: litter box: Carrier #1: Carrier #2: Bowls: Harness: Remedy: Remedy: Tranquility Blend: (15% Discount link)