Visiting MICHAEL JACKSON's GRAVE 10 years after he died... | Forest Lawn, June 25th 2019

by: lifelikejosie     Published on: 30 June 2019

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This came to be the best day of my life! // On June 25th 2009, our king Michael Jackson left this earth. Ten years later, fans gather at his resting place at Forest Lawn to celebrate and remember Michael's life, legacy and love. I visited for my first time.MJ Fan Visits Neverland | The Truth about Michael Jackson: out Gadget Trish's video #ReturningToNeverland : Jamie's MJ fan account on instagram: me on Patreon here! On Patreon I make exclusive casual vlogs, bloopers/outtake videos, share my thoughts and interact with you guys! (+ much more) It's a way you guys can support me on my journey and career to make it possible for me to take the things I'm passionate about to a new level, all while you get a bunch of cool extra stuff that no one else sees!--- f i n d m e o n s o c i a l m e d i a ! ---I N S T A G R A M: T W I T T E R: A C E B O O K: CREATORS! Need better music? Check out Musicbed. They've got the BEST music for your videos! ---