Walter Veith & Coralia Jigau - Changing Our Lifestyle - Two Doctors' Testimonies (Part 1)

by: Amazing Discoveries Africa     Published on: 10 April 2019

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GET THE DVD HERE: THE AD AFRICA WEBSITE HERE: Chris Jigau escaped from Romania in 1986 and ended up in Australia. His wife, Dr. Coralia Jigau followed him exactly a year later to Australia. They worked hard to start a new life in Australia, and it took them 2 years to pass the medical certification to start practicing medicine again. Although they were 3rd generation Adventists and medical doctors, they did not understand the great value of the Biblical health message. When Chris was diagnosed with prostate cancer 12 years later, they were both shocked by the manifestation of this terrible disease. Their first reaction was: “What have we done wrong?” During this time, they somehow started watching a series called “Life At Its Best” by Walter Veith, and was faced with the question: “Why did we not know this?” They soon realized that there is so much more they did not know. After Chris had some conventional treatment, they realized that they had to change their lifestyle, as their lifestyle was the cause of the disease. After Coralia’s mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis, she could not take the normal osteoporosis medicine, because of severe stomach problems. It was decided to stop her intake of all dairy products and increase her intake of leafy greens and minerals. After about 18 months her Dexa Scan result was -1.8 as compared to -3.6 eighteen months earlier. Although she was 80 years old at this stage, the result of this scan compared to that of a healthy young adult. This opened their eyes to start believing in the Biblical health message. Join them as they relate story after story describing the healing power of these health principles, and how God intervened to help Chris escape from Rom